This is the story of two brothers whose already-complicated relationship becomes even more challenging when one creates a terrible moral dilemma for the other.

The tale is told entirely through first-person monologues by people in the brothers’ lives. Each character shares details, memories, and secrets about the pair, and their own relationships with the brothers.

Together, they reveal a complex bond stretched to its limits, and beg the question, “How far does “brotherly love” really go?”

This collection also includes ten more short stories and essays tracking one middle aged man’s journey through a socially, politically, culturally, and spiritually challenging time.


Thank you for visiting. I have been writing (and loving writing) for most of my life. Professionally, that encompassed 21 years as a suburban newspaper reporter and columnist. Personally, my writing has ranged from poetry to plays, sermons to speeches, fiction to farce, and just about everything in between.

Here’s hoping you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy creating it!